Should I start atla

yes!! really beautiful animation (same animators as korra), longer seasons so a generally slower pace with more time for introspection and comedy, really great character development (esp katara and zuko). like an extremely solid touching kids-gotta-save-the-world show so if that sounds good

oh my god that was 400 words im sorry

ok so the korra finale was wild but

one thing that makes the overall plot of korra more interesting and nuanced than a:tla is that korra has more political and social capital than aang largely due to advanced technology. if aang made a bad call he and those immediately surrounding him felt the impact, but korra’s status means her actions carry more weight and a politicized weight

what this means is that more of the series is concerned with how korra acts or should act as a representative and a role model of various groups of people. korra entertains moral quandaries and grey areas where the ideas of peace and balance are not as clear cut and where motivations are allowed to be more ambiguous (like the equalists) than in most children’s television

so i’m really interested in the choices made about the red lotus, their objectives and their methods. it seems like attempts were made to at least superficially justify some of their actions—the earth queen was a tyrant after all—but i still cant help but be disappointed that instead of actually challenging korra’s beliefs (esp since korra being unsure of her place, duties and attitude are such big themes of the whole show) they become boring strawmen, genocidal indiscriminate murderers whose arguments about freedom can be dismissed out of hand.

obviously found family and community was a central theme to the season (in mako and bolin’s extended family, lin and su, jinora and tenzin, korra and asami, and the rebuilding of the air nation) and it’s also interesting to note the emphasis placed on characters’ agency in choosing what families and communities they belong to (esp. in su and lin and the early attempts at establishing the air nation). the bad benders were really powerful and a lot of that came from them really believing in (and loving) each other, an interesting parallel that’s touched on only ever briefly. these humanizing elements are included but also sort of ostracized off to their own secluded portions of the season where they dont get to interact with and inform the opinions of the characters.

its an attempt at moral greyness and complicated that i cant help but wish had gone a little deeper, creating a real dialogue about community, leadership and power dynamics, instead of flattening the ideas into really simple black and white caricatures of Hero Values and like ninth grade white boy anarchism 

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runaway love by diamond rings

is this too much clothing? asking for a glamourous friend

is this too much clothing? asking for a glamourous friend

i knew he looked familiar

they got rid of the sriracha kettle chips at mac’s and im devastated

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Sugar Ray - Someday

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*me in college* this isn’t anything like hazehim